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Alma TED™

Alma TED is a revolutionary, noninvasive hair restoration treatment. The TED device drives a specialized hair restoration solution deep into the scalp to promote blood flow, growing and fortifying the hair using sound energy and pressurized air. These benefits are achieved without the discomfort and shedding often experienced with other hair treatment methods.

Why TED? The Science

To achieve better results, driving the active components of the TED+ hair restoration serum to the deep layers of the scalp is essential for stimulating root growth from the hair follicle, ensuring new hair stays anchored and doesn’t fall out.

TED+ Hair Restoration Serum

The proprietary serum is FDA approved with proven efficacy. In comparison, the TED serum outperformed its competitors, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment.

Hair Care Formula

A world-renowned pharmaceutical research lab formulated the TED+ Hair Care Formula, which contains nutrients essential for optimal scalp health and follicular strength. This FDA-approved serum has been shown to increase hair thickness, shine, and follicular strength.

Impact Delivery™

The Alma TED is an ultrasound-based system that leverages acoustic sound waves to improve blood flow. The patented tip on the Alma TED device features Impact Delivery™ — a unique air pressure system designed to enhance treatment outcomes by driving the TED serum deep into the scalp.

Who is a Good Candidate For Alma TED?

Alma TED is for anyone suffering from hair loss or looking to improve their hair's overall thickness and appearance, including genetic or hereditary hair thinning; hair shedding as a result of stress or trauma; or hair loss after a recent illness, like COVID; or as a side effect of medications.

What Should I Expect During Treatment

Alma TED is typically three 30-minute treatments one month apart, but more sessions may be needed for optimal results. We assess your scalp during your consultation to personalize the best treatment. This procedure can treat the scalp, the eyebrows, or the beard area.