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What Are Home Hair Growth Products?

The Alma TED is an amazing treatment, but do to you wang go amplify your results even further? At Hair Oh Yeah, we offer several at-home products to support your hair growth journey. Our patients in Bellevue, WA can utilize advanced products, such as LMNT by Alma, plated hair serum, and an AnteAge take-home hair kit, that have been proven to provide amazing results. Contact our experienced team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what these incredible products can do to help you achieve the hair growth you desire.

Why Are Home Hair Growth Products Important?

We give all of our patients a massage with a shampoo brush because scalp health is incredibly important. We all benefit from increased blood flow to the hair follicles, and this brush loosens any built-up hair products and/or dry skin that need to be removed. In fact, without a healthy scalp, hair growth can actually be slowed down. Scalp conditions could be caused by any number of factors, including the build up of dead skin that needs to be exfoliated and soothed, styling product that is left on the scalp and is heavy on the new fine hairs, and even auto-immune conditions that cause inflammation and result in irritation and excessive hair drop. Sometimes hormones play a factor and excessive DHT inhibits hair growth. In all of these cases, we need to work with the hair follicles to give them the space to grow. At-home products can support these goals, helping your hair to look and feel healthier. Additionally, they can help to optimize the results you're able to achieve from in-office treatments at our facility. While these procedures can offer amazing outcomes, the reasons for the initial hair loss don't disappear. As such, it's incredibly important to maintain the health of your scalp with modern at-home products for your hair.

What Home Hair Growth Products Are Available?

At Hair Oh Yeah, we recommend three state-of-the-art hair growth support products:

LMNT by Alma: This is an FDA-approved, hand-held device with Micro Pulse PBM Technology. Backed by 20-years of research in the science of anti-aging, this device utilizes red light therapy at the 633nm and 830nm wavelengths to stimulate collagen and keratin — a key building block in hair growth. The vibration and light also work to release DHT from the hair follicles, as well as inflammation that causes a whole host of health issues, including hair loss. Additionally, you can use it on your skin to excite your skin’s cellular energy, pre-conditioning itself from harmful environmental factors and protecting you from premature signs of aging.

Plated Hair Serum: A proprietary blend of plated-derived exosomes, fortified with anti-oxidants, a growth factor complex and nurturing ingredients. This serum contains over 30 billion platelet-derived exosomes, as well Biotin, Sea Moss, Tumeric and Lindera Strychnifolia Root Extract. It is immensely soothing, making it ideal for patients who have irritated or dry scalps, as it helps to keep the irritation under control and lets the hair grow.

AnteAge Take-Home Hair Kit: This kit includes a bio-identical hair serum, a massage brush to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood flow to the area, and a home micro-channeling stamp to pierce the scalp, delivering the serum directly into the dermis. The serum targets the Wnt cell pathway, which enhances hair follicle genesis, function, and phase transitioning. In addition, it has growth factors and cytokines from stem cells that are harvested from young, healthy adult donors.

When I first was looking up hair restoration, I was a little skeptical.I read about the Ted process, and saw it on the Today show.I decided to give it a try, and after two visits, I can see fuller hair growth, and new growth starting to develop! Mandy is great to work with, very understanding, caring, and professional. I’m looking forward to my next visit, what a great feeling to have lots of progress!Thanks again Mandy from Hair Oh Yeah, Bellevue...

J.N. Yelp

I met Mandy at Emerald City Beauty Grand Opening Event located in Bellevue, WA. Mandy was demonstrating Ted Technology+ Hair Care Formula. I have thinning hair so I was all ears. I liked that the Ted Technology+ was an ultrasound based system that offers benefits from improved blood flow. A natural way of stimulating hair growth. After 4 treatments my hair is definitely fuller. I also noticed I had baby hairs start growing at the top of my forehead after my 2nd treatment and has continued to grow and nicely blend with the front portion of my hair. That made me happy! Mandy is great to work with and I enjoy her company when I would go in for my treatments. Good people and great new technology @ Emerald City Beauty!

J.G. Google

Thank you Mandy for bringing this groundbreaking technology to the Seattle area. I have had 3 treatments and I can say this is a very easy, painless treatment that actually works. So much better than daily medications or painful hair transplants. I saw results by the 3rd treatment as it takes a little time to see the new growth come in. Im so excited about this and wanted to share my experience. Suzy

S.R. Yelp

Hello, I wanted to take a few moments and provide an unbiased review of "Hair Oh Yeah". My primary purpose was to thicken up and regrow hair on my patchy and thin attempt at a beard. Also, I was not looking for any gimmicks and have never tried any products or treatments before. After talking with Mandy, the owner, as well as doing my own research, I wanted to try it out because of all the positive results and the new improved technology. Also, seeing it on the Good Morning America TV show helped with the credibility. I can honestly say that my beard is growing new hair and my existing hair is stronger even only after (2) treatments. I can't wait until the next treatment to see additional results. This TED device really, really works....WOW!!! I also wanted to share that Mandy showcases what seems to be her natural ability to nurture and make you feel very comfortable. She was able to answer all my questions and took the time to provide me with all the things I need to do on my end to assist with the positive results. Bottom line is her Customer Service is very professional. I definitely recommend checking out "Hair Oh Yeah" to anyone that wants to regrow hair on their head or face. It was money well spent and I've already told my family, friends and potential co-workers as well. Cheers, JC

J.C. Office Visit

Mandy made my entire experience super comfortable and easy. Everything from the parking to the pleasant conversation. I’m starting to see some thickening of hair already and can’t wait to keep coming back for more! Thanks, Hair Oh Yeah for the easy start of a new look. – Kenneth Sorenson

K.S. Office Visit


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