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What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Certain factors, such as medications and lifestyle, may cause premature hair loss at almost any stage of life for women and men alike. Androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as female and male pattern baldness, is a widespread form of baldness, causing thin, patchy hair that eventually could vanish completely and affect your well-being. At Hair Oh Yeah, we utilize TED by Alma and the TED+ Hair Care Formula as a nonsurgical procedure to foster hair repair. Acoustic sound waves and air pressure from this high-end system carry the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula directly into your scalp to help blood circulation while simultaneously carrying vital growth factors needed to grow, fortify, and attach the hair.

During your initial treatment, we utilize GroTrack™ technology to measure and capture photographs of specific sections of your scalp. This state-of-the-art camera system produces regular and zoomed images. The collected data is then uploaded for AI-based hair tracking. We capture images of the same sections at each subsequent appointment so you can compare the photos and data, providing valuable insights into the percentage increase in hair follicles and hair thickness in each treated area. Along with this, you will receive a comprehensive printed report. To discover more about the benefits of this noninvasive treatment, schedule an appointment at our Bellevue, WA facility. To hear more about how you could benefit from this noninvasive treatment, arrange an appointment at our Bellevue, WA practice.

TED Hair Restoration FAQ

What is the price of Alma TED?
The price varies based on the number of sessions required to achieve your objectives. At your initial visit, we will determine your needs and discuss your hair restoration desires before designing a customized treatment plan, including a cost estimate.

Does hair restoration by Alma TED hurt?
Many people report feeling like they are receiving a head massage after the hair restoration treatment. The TED system uses acoustic sound energy and the force of air to help drive the special hair care serum deep into your skin, which is not expected to be painful. It can be a little noisy, and we offer earplugs to minimize the discomfort.

Can you do a treatment if you have hair extensions?

Yes, hair extensions don't have to limit you from the benefits of a TED treatment. If we can reach the scalp with the head of the device, we can perform the treatment.

Can you color your hair?

Yes, but do not color your hair 24 hours before or after the treatment.

Is it suitable for all ethnicities?

Yes, we have no evidence of pigment changes. While certain ethnicities are more susceptible to certain forms of hair loss, we treat the scalp's health so everyone can benefit.

How many Alma TED sessions are recommended?

Once you spot hair thinning or baldness, act promptly for optimal outcomes. Results become visible after just one treatment for 22% of patients. This figure jumps to 55% after two treatments and 96% of patients report visible results post three treatments. We recommend three treatments, one month apart, to align with the hair-growth cycle. However, considering health, age, and hormonal variations, some individuals require extended monthly treatments.

What is the follow-up protocol?

We highly recommend scheduling a follow-up treatment in one year to ensure the health and blood flow to your hair follicles.

Who is not a suitable candidate for Alma TED hair restoration?

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of TED — an ultrasound treatment using acoustic sound waves — we cannot provide this procedure to individuals with a pacemaker, metal plates in the treatment area, or skin cancer in the treatment area. If you are an oncology patient, we kindly request that you wait until your course of care is complete before considering TED.

Mandy made my entire experience super comfortable and easy. Everything from the parking to the pleasant conversation. I’m starting to see some thickening of hair already and can’t wait to keep coming back for more! Thanks, Hair Oh Yeah for the easy start of a new look. – Kenneth Sorenson

K.S. Office Visit

When I first was looking up hair restoration, I was a little skeptical.I read about the Ted process, and saw it on the Today show.I decided to give it a try, and after two visits, I can see fuller hair growth, and new growth starting to develop! Mandy is great to work with, very understanding, caring, and professional. I’m looking forward to my next visit, what a great feeling to have lots of progress!Thanks again Mandy from Hair Oh Yeah, Bellevue...

J.N. Yelp

I met Mandy at Emerald City Beauty Grand Opening Event located in Bellevue, WA. Mandy was demonstrating Ted Technology+ Hair Care Formula. I have thinning hair so I was all ears. I liked that the Ted Technology+ was an ultrasound based system that offers benefits from improved blood flow. A natural way of stimulating hair growth. After 4 treatments my hair is definitely fuller. I also noticed I had baby hairs start growing at the top of my forehead after my 2nd treatment and has continued to grow and nicely blend with the front portion of my hair. That made me happy! Mandy is great to work with and I enjoy her company when I would go in for my treatments. Good people and great new technology @ Emerald City Beauty!

J.G. Google

I had 4 treatments for thinning hair with Mandy. The treatments were painless with no downtime. A month after my second treatment, I began seeing new growth and my existing hairs feel thicker and healthier. I am thrilled with my results and strongly encourage anyone with thinning hair to act now before the hair follicle dies altogether. It made a huge positive difference for me. I feel like I got the hair I had when I was in my 20's. Thank you Mandy! HairOhYeah!

E.S. Google

I had the most amazing experience at Hair Oh Yeah with Mandy. Not only was Mandy a wealth of knowledge, but her kindness, generosity and compassion as a provider was clearly evident. She took the time to explain the science behind the treatment and encourage me along the way. I did 4 sessions of the ultrasound TED therapy and must admit, I was skeptical but willing to see if the treatment would encourage hair growth. Having just turned 47, my hair was thinning and I was starting to panic. I started hair growth supplements 6 months prior to starting treatment with Mandy at HOY but wanted more improvement. After my 4th session I had an increase in hair density by 125%. Literal jaw drop! The photos speak for themself. The photos show improvement of my part, my crown and especially my front hairline. I’m so excited about the results that I’m sharing with all my friends. After seeing my photos, some of my family has started treatment. I cannot say enough about the entire experience. I will certainly maintain the results with treatments as I age. Thank you Mandy!! xo

A.R. Google


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