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Hair Treatments

How does TED™ compare?

TED distinguishes itself from traditional hair restoration methods by offering a treatment that involves virtually no pain or needles. As the only system of its kind, TED utilizes low-frequency ultrasound to facilitate hair growth. The acoustic waves create gaseous bubbles in the outermost layer of the scalp, allowing the medications to be delivered and absorbed for maximum effectiveness. This system has been clinically validated to improve blood flow and is FDA approved.

Treatments Available Price Number of txs needed Pain level from 1-10 Downtime Positives Negatives
TED Starting at $950 3 – 4 No pain None Pain- and needle-free; improves hair volume and thickens hair follicles; no post-treatment shedding; FDA-approved Treatment must begin at the first sign of hair loss; does not work in areas where follicles have died
MicroNeedling $750 to 950 3 – 4 5 Typically one day due to redness and inflammation Popular procedure performed by many practitioners Results vary based on the location of the treatment area
PRP Injections $950 to $1250 3 – 4 9 Typically one day due to redness and inflammation Injections use the patient's own platelets to accelerate healing Trauma can cause shedding and breaking of the hair; hair growth is limited to the injection site
Hair Tranplant (FUE or FUT) Average cost begins at $10,000 1 10 Minimum two weeks Noticeable results within the first month; transplant can occur in areas of dead or living follicles Costly treatments; scarring in areas of the head where hair was removed; pain